Kayak fishing is a sport which is exploding in popularity, and there are many times hooked on to something which is called a fishing kayak. There are many reasons which is one of the most popular and affordable ways to help find close quarters fishing. Kayak fishing is efficient when it comes to fishing, and we have some of the best fish finders for kayaks.


Garmin echoMAP PlUS 73 SV

The echoMAP PLUS 73 SV is one of the best and every kayak anglers dream. This is a 7-inch touchscreen fish finder which has built-in wifi with Side VU and Clear Vu imaging fishing sonar with CHIRP. There are any full-featured fish finders to fit in a kayak. This is a great unit which will allow you to easily navigate all the fishes in 17,000 body of water. All you need is a micro SD which can be used to with a Navionics card for mapping purposes. This is one way you can have a contour map to help with the fishing.


Lowrance Hook2 7 TripleShot


The hook series has been revamped and has a Hook 2 series. This allows you to have the right odds when it comes to SplitShot and TripleShot in the sonar plus Down Scan Model, which will help you have a through side scan as well. The pricing of the units is quite aggressive and has a nice chunk of change which is comparable to the Garmin and Humminbird units. The size 7 is an ideal size for serious fishing kayak and has a pixel screen with a compact base. This is an ideal addition to kayak fishing, especially when you are working with minimal space.



The new Helix CHIRP G2 series from Humminbird is an excellent place to start. This Helix 5 has a 5-inch screen which can match almost anyone. This tool is a perfect balance of size and screen, which helps with catching any visible fishes. There is also G2 series which can allow you to have CHRISP pings over the range of frequencies to help with clear sonar returns which can also help you separate the fish from any other clusters on the screen.



Striker Plus 5cv is a 5-inch colour combo unit which offers excellent choices with detailed images of the ClearVu imaging sonar. The Striker Plus is small which can be adjusted to help fit on the hull of the kayak. The upgraded PLUS series is something which is offered in 5dv to 5cv. Try to make sure that you are looking out for the right options as they offer quite a variety of options.


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