Fishing is one of the favorite sport in America, as the years pass by, we have seen the tools evolve form twine on a stick to high-end rods and lures. These tools vary depending on what fish you are about to catch. If you are a fishing enthusiast in progress, we have gathered the list of fishing equipment for you to enable you a better fishing experience.

Modern Rods

Fishing rods is generally a slender pole which was made of a strong and pliable material which is generally a combination of line and reel. The best fishing rods allow you to throw your line far into the water and depending on the type of fishing you are planning the rod also might differ.

Fishing Reels

The fishing reel combined with the fishing rod allows you to pull the fish out. This reel sits in a reel seat near the handle of the pole.

Types of fishing lines

Fishing lines allows you to cast your hook, even a simple string can be used as a fishing line but most fisherman use cord which is made out of angling. Depending on the type of fishing, these lines differ in size, strength, durability and visibility.


Leaders are the monofilament or wire, which is abrasion resistant. This leader connects them to the bait and the hook and prevents fishing line to be bitten in half, especially while trying to catch a larger fish. Larger fish creates enough power to snap the line in half.

Fish hooks

This is watch helps you snag the fish while you reel it in, these hooks are designed to embed in the mouth of the fish, once it is embedded the fish will not be able to remove the hook. With the hook in the mouth then you can allow the fish to tire itself and then you can easily net it.

Floats and weights

Floats and weights determine where the hook will settle in the body of water. These weights are added on to the line which can allow the hook to settle farther out and then dangle. These floats hold the line to stay at the surface and where you place the floats is the floats determines how deep you want the hook to be.

Bait and lures

Baits can vary from worms to fish eggs and if you are looking for live bait, it is going to be expensive. Baits can also be marshmallow or corn. Lures depend on price; these lures mimic the behavior of the fishes prey and are generally designed with a bright color to perk the attention of the fish.

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